UQAR: New Academic Partner

December 1, 2015

We would like to announce our recent partnership agreement with the University du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR). UQAR joins the 7 other universities as one of the network's academic partners.We wish to welcome them to RRISIQ !



November 25, 2015

DEADLINE JANUARY 8TH 2016! The 2016 Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Conference Expanding Horizons in Nursing Education is being held in Toronto from May 30-31, 2016. We are excited to invite you to submit an abstract on any of the following subthemes;  Developing administrative...


84th ACFAS Conference

November 10, 2015

For all information regarding this conference,  please visit the event website.



Conference: "Pilot study: the good, the bad and...

January 14, 2016 11:30 - 13:00 | RRISIQ event


PRESENTED BY:Sylvie Cossette, PhFull professor, Université de Montréal, FSICodirector, RRISIQSylvie Cossette, RN, PhD is Assistant Dean – Research and International Development –, Full Professor at Faculté des sciences infirmières at Université de Montréal, and researcher at Montreal Heart...



Conference Dr Summit Majumdar ( Part 3)

Conference Dr Summit Majumdar ( Part 3)

March 13, 2015|Videos RRISIQ events
Part 3- Conference « RCTs and Knowledge Translation (KT): Why Do We Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good? »

Friday March 13th 2015

RCTs are the gold standard of perfect evidence, but are too often considered by journals, peer reviewers, and research funders as the only way to evaluate KT interventions; on the other hand many researchers end up conducting uncontrolled before-after studies of limited validity for a variety of pragmatic and other reasons. Using examples from his KT research program Dr Majumdar shows a number of potential study designs that are not “perfect” but are good enough to lead to peer-reviewed funding, publication in major journals, and changes in clinical practice.