Published biannually, the international journal Science of Nursing and Health Practices (SNAHP) is a bilingual, open-access journal specializing in research papers, systematic literature reviews and articles that assess the impact of knowledge-transfer projects, with a view to improving the quality of practices.

Articles published in this journal address the development, adaptation, implementation, testing and evaluation of practices in three fields:

  • Clinical practice – clinical outcomes (including indicators of care quality and service utilization) concerning the physical, mental or social health of target client groups (patients).
  • Service management and organization – optimization of material and human resources dedicated to care; optimization of care processes; improvement of patient safety and conditions.
  • Education and professional development – learning, teaching and evaluation strategies, models or practices aimed at improving the education and professional development of nurses and nursing students; as well as nursing competency development and competency level achievement.

Manuscripts may be submitted in English or French. They are published in their original language along with an abstract in both languages.