About us
About the network
Nursing research has grown rapidly in Quebec in the past decade. Three research groups have contributed to this growth by developing knowledge in three domains: clinical intervention, the organization of nursing services and nursing education.

Domains of intervention research

The network’s members’ scientific activities address RRISIQ’s theme:  Nursing intervention research.
These interventions are practices, ways of doing things,that unfold in 3 fields of application: clinical practices, organizational practices, and practices in nursing education.

RRISIQ's scientific work aims to develop or adapt new practices, validate them, implement them, assess their effects and mobilize these practices in care and services.
A practice may mean an individual intervention (e.g., counseling or teaching), a group intervention (e.g. with families of elderly parents or children), a care or service program, a web application (e.g. eHealth), an organizational practice, or an educational practice.