About us
About the network
Nursing research has grown rapidly in Quebec in the past decade. Three research groups have contributed to this growth by developing knowledge in three domains: clinical intervention, the organization of nursing services and nursing education.

Mission and objectives

RRISIQ's mission is to develop and mobilize knowledge on innovative nursing practices that improve people's health, health services and nursing education.

General and specific objectives

  1. Foster the emergence of meeting spaces and thus potentiate creativity, the networking of ideas and innovation for the development and mobilization of knowledge on nursing practices [to increase the cohesion and complementarity of actions]
  2. Support research on innovative nursing practices that improve people's health, health services, nursing education and knowledge mobilization (KM) research, while supporting the development of the next generation of researchers in nursing [to strengthen research capacity]
  3. Foster knowledge mobilization to influence decision-making at the clinical, organizational, educational, and socio-political levels and engage users and service providers to improve health care and health [to improve the integration of knowledge in practices and policies and raising public awareness]
  4. Provide common resource platforms to promote the development and mobilization of knowledge with local, national and international partners [to maximize investment]