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Collaborations with other networks

Collaborations with other networks

RRISIQ maintains collaborative relationships with other health research networks in Quebec. Some collaboration examples:

Quebec Pain Research Network (QPRN)
RRISIQ's scientific directorship has been invited to attend QPRN's annual retreat in January 2014. The event involves for many years the most known researchers in the field of pain in Quebec. Sylvie Cossette, our co-director, presented an overview of RRISIQ to QPRN's members, while Pierrette Gaudreau (Quebec Network for Research on Aging) and Eric Marsault (Quebec Network for Research on drug) also presented their research networks to the audience. In addition, Céline Gélinas, researcher member of RRISIQ, presented the initial results of her study on the optimization of monitoring opioid use in hospitals. Click here to read the meeting highlights.

Quebec Network for Research on Aging (RQRV)

Quebec Network on suicide, mood disorders and related disorders (RQSHA)

The Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials (SUPPORT) Units - Québec