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Network Membership
RRISIQ boasts several researcher members (regular, associate) from four different academic institutions: McGill University’s Ingram School of Nursing, the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Nursing, the University of Sherbrooke’s School of Nursing, and University Laval’s Faculty of Nursing. Student members, many of whom are RRISIQ fellows, form an integral part of the Group and ensure its future. Outside these academic arenas, the network is also able to rely on clinicians and clinical decision makers, also considered within the associate members.

Student members

The student membership status is automatically conferred to any student or fellow enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate program supervised or co-supervised by one of the network’s regular researchers.

Student members may participate in scientific activities, and may be involved in the strategic groupings and have access to the available platforms.

A student member is eligible for the network’s fellowship program if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • Is supervised or co-supervised by a regular researcher;
  • Is enrolled in a nursing or equivalent program in a university contributing financially to the network;
  • Is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Fellowship candidates must also meet the criteria of the specific competition to which they apply.

Foreign students may be eligible for fellowships depending on available budgets and procedures specific to each university.

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