About us
Organizational Structure
The following bodies are established in order to promote representativeness of the different universities and research areas of RRISIQ.

Board of directors

The administration board is composed of thirteen (13) members.

Eight (8) members are appointed to serve on the Council. These members are: One (1) Dean appointed to represent the faculties and schools of nursing partner universities; one (1) representative of education authorities vices partner universities; one (1) representative of the Order of Nurses of Quebec;  one (1) nursing management representatives; one (1) representative of the MSSS; one (1) student representative; one (1) representative of regular researchers and one (1) representative branches of health facility.

Three (3) members are co-opted to serve on the Board of Directors: two (2) experts research organization, one (1) member representing the public.

Two (2) members are ex officio members: (2) co-directors.

The Board of Directors is composed of members representing academic, clinical, professional, governmental and private sectors

Appointed members
Dean appointed to represent the faculties and schools of
nursing partner universities
Patricia Bourgault
Representative of education authorities vices partner universities Michel J. Tremblay
Representative of the Order of Nurses of Quebec Caroline Roy
Nursing management representative Johanne Methot
Representative of the MSSS Éric Fournier
Student representative Ariane Girard
Representative of regular researchers Maria Cecilia Gallani
Representative branches of health facility Louise Potvin
Co-opted members
Experts research organization (2) Alain Rondeau
Mireille Mathieu
Public representative Pierre Blain
Ex officio members
Co-directors Sylvie Cossette
Nancy Feeley