About us
Organizational Structure
The following bodies are established in order to promote representativeness of the different universities and research areas of RRISIQ.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is composed of RRISIQ's two co-directors who are in charge of the presidency, the representatives of the three platforms and the representatives of the three strategic groups and three clinician-scientist or decision-maker among RRISIQ's associate members.

This committee is composed of the following members:

  RRISIQ Scientific Committee members
RRISIQ co-Directors Carl-Ardy Dubois
Nancy Feeley 
Clinical settings representatives Nancy Beaulieu
Renée Descoteaux 
Brigitte Martel
RS1: Chronic disease management and end of life care José Côté
Virginia Lee
RS2: Accessibility, continuity and safety in care Carl-Ardy Dubois
Caroline Larue
RS3: Personalized care Céline Gélinas
Sonia Semenic
Resource platform Dominique Tremblay
Geneviève Roch
Knowledge transfer platform Damien Contandriopoulos
Marie-Pierre Gagnon
International development platform Jacinthe Pepin
Maria Cécilia Gallani