About us
Organizational Structure
The following bodies are established in order to promote representativeness of the different universities and research areas of RRISIQ.

Scientific Committee

The role of the Scientific Committee is to participate in the planning and implementation of the network's strategic action plan. The scientific committee is comprised of the two co-directors, the leaders of strategic groups and platforms, and clinician-decision-makers.

This committee is composed of the following members:

 RRISIQ Scientific Committee members
RRISIQ co-Directors José Côté
Céline Gélinas
RS1: Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management
Christine Maheu (McGill University)
RS2: Accessibility, continuity and safety in care Geneviève Roch (Université Laval)
RS3: Care of populations in vulnerable situations
Marilyn Aita (Université de Montréal)
Knowledge Mobilization Platform
Marie-Pierre Gagnon (Université Laval)
Sonia Semenic (McGill University)