Support for training and research

Open Access Publication Support (Fall 2019)

End date: March 31, 2020

Detailed description of competition

This competition is conditional to the Network’s funding by the MSSS.

The competition will remain open until all funds earmarked for this support have been used

General criteria:
  • Only regular researchers in good standing (including updated CVs, progress reports and supervised student progress reports were sent to the RRISIQ in the current year) are eligible.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that their application is not an overlap of previous funding obtained from the RRISIQ or other granting agencies.
  • Each application must include regular researchers from at least 2 different partner universities.
  • If the principal investigator has already received RRISIQ funding since 2014, priority will be given to researchers who have completed at least one of the RRISIQ funded projects and who have submitted at least one grant application to an external organization.
  • Priority will be given to applications related for previously funded RRISIQ projects (Pilot Project, Bi-Network Project, Knowledge Transfer Project).
  • Only the information requested in the form will be considered.
  • Deliverables expected before October 1st  2020.
Criteria specific to the competition
  • This program aims to promote publications in open access journals. The applicant must be the first author of the publication (max $ 3,500)
  • Any article submitted, accepted or published since April 1, 2019 is eligible.

To apply :

Submit your application (form below) to RRISIQ ( ) once the article is ready to submit to verify that your application is eligible (please attach a copy of the article and the name and URL link of the journal showing the costs of publication and the expected date of publication / submission of the article).

 If your request is accepted by RRISIQ, the refund will be made upon receiving the submitted invoice .

Terms and conditions

Eligible expenses
The network spending must meet the eligibility criteria of FRQS’ Theme Networks grant program, as described in the program. It can translate into projects and scientific activities or scholarships. Funded projects must involve eligible expenses which must be exclusively spent in the Quebec Province (FRQS rule).

Rules and procedures for granting
  • Funds will be awarded according to availability of the Network’s resources and that of its partners;
  • Award recipients must accept and sign an agreement that governs the rules of use;
  • There may be no cost overruns;
  • Any allocation of funds requires an annual report on the use of funds (at the end of each fiscal year on March 31st);
  • Members receiving funds engage to demonstrate scientific productivity (publications, conferences, grant applications or other).

The Network is committed to implementing the FRQS standards on human health research ethics and on scientific integrity. 

Conflict of interest and resolution mechanisms
Please refer to RRISIQ's Charter.