Support for training and research

Inter-network initiatives Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Research Network (CMDO) and the Quebec Network on Nursing Intervention Research (RRISIQ)

End date: November 21, 2019

Detailed description of competition

This joint program between the CMDO and RRISIQ Networks aims to promote interactions between researchers from Quebec networks who carry out research on issues common to both partner networks. Proposed projects must be aligned with the networks' mission and focus on the respective research themes of the concerned networks. This funding should be used for at least one of the following purposes:
  • Generate knowledge and data that can lead to a concrete clinical or health care application;
  • Obtain sufficient preliminary data to allow the team to submit funding requests to granting agencies;
  • Serve as leverage for larger grants from partners to conduct a long-term research program;
  • Allow Quebec researchers to establish their leadership at the national and international levels in the targeted research themes;
  • Allow, as much as possible, to have an activity or a product dedicated to knowledge transfer toward users or target populations.
One project corresponding to the research areas of the networks and tied to at least one of the above objectives will be funded based on excellence. This project must involve at least one regular member from each network (CMDO and RRISIQ) andfrom two different Quebec institutions. The project may involve more than two Quebec research centers, as well as other centers in Canada (e.g. with a member of Diabetes Action Canada) or internationally. Projects may come from any research axis: 1) pre-clinical; 2) clinical; 3) health system / care organisation, 4) training 5) population intervention and 6) sharing / use of knowledge. The eligibility criteria and the evaluation method are described below. One project of excellent scientific quality demonstrating a structuring effect for research within the two networks will be funded at the level of $ 20,000 for one year.

The deadline for submitting applications is November 21th, 2019, for funding beginning no later than March 1st, 2020.

 Late, incomplete or submissions that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated.

 Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria:

  1.  The application must involve two principal researchers: a regular member of the CMDO and a regular member of RRISIQ;
  2.  Only one application per year as a principal investigator can be submitted for the Inter-Network Initiatives competition. There is no limit as a co-investigator. Researchers who have obtained funding for a structuring inter-center project in 2018-2019 and/or 2019-2020 may submit a new project to this Inter-Network competition if the nature of the project and the team is sufficiently different from the previously funded projects
  3. Requests for funding for new collaborations between researchers will be favored;
  4. The inclusion of at least one young researcher eligible for the FRQS Junior 1 will be considered favorably;
  5.  For this program, the two principal investigators must be from two different Quebec institutions / research centers;
  6.  Applications may include additional centers in Quebec, in Canada (eg, a member of Diabetes Action Canada) or internationally;
  7.  The application should involve at least one graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or resident (registered at a Quebec university). In addition, it is highly recommended that one or more knowledge users be involved in the project. The student and the knowledge user (if any) must be identified when the application is submitted;
  8.  Demonstration of the structuring effect for research within the networks, according to their objectives (eg establishment of new inter-sectoral collaborations within the network or internationally, standardization of methods, implementation platform or common resources);
  9. Demonstration of a clear plan for obtaining subsequent funding from an external organization other than the CMDO or RRISIQ (eg, CIHR, private partner or other);
  10.  It is the responsibility of researchers to ensure that they follow good research practices and obtain and maintain all necessary certifications from their respective institutions (eg, radiation protection, biosafety, animal or human ethical committee approval, authorizations associated with controlled substances used in the project). Verifications could be made with the affiliated research centers.

Terms and conditions

Duration of awards:
The $ 20,000 award ($10,000 per Network) will be awarded for a period of one year. Expenditures must be made during this period and must comply with FRQS policies. The grant may be extended by up to one year (without budget increase), but only if adequately justified to the networks.

Obligations of researchers towards the program:
  1. By applying to this program and if they are subsidized, the researchers commit to:
  2. Acknowledge networks support as an initial funding agency in any publication (eg abstract, peer-reviewed article),poster or oral presentation resulting from this research;
  3. Produce a progress report at the end of the year (at the end of the funding period). This report will summarize the status of the research results, including copies of published articles as a result of this research. In addition, annual monitoring for another two (2) years will be conducted to document the impact of this project;
  4. Produce financial reports at its home network at the end of each fiscal year in which funds were used (March 31 and at the end of the project).
  5. Participate in the annual retreat or scientific day of its home network in order to keep all members informed of the results of the funded project;
  6. Notify the Networks of any positive decision of granting agencies related to the funded project.

Documents required for submission:

To complete the online form click here
Accompanying documents (to be emailed to by naming them with the following format: Last name. initial of first name, document name) (eg Ledoux_C., CV).
  • An updated curriculum vitae (FRQS CV including the Detailed Contributions section) of all researchers involved in the application. For all researchers outside Quebec, an equivalent CV is accepted.
  • Figures grouped into a single PDF file (if applicable).
ATTENTION: To save your application to complete it later, you must click on the "Finish later" icon (Create username and password), then exit by closing the program.
If you have saved your application and click "Exit and delete" your answers, all saved data will be erased.

For any questions, please contact the coordinator of the Quebec Network on Nursing Intervention Research (RRISIQ): Catherine Ledoux, Tel .: (514) 343-6111 ext. 1810, email :