Support for training and research

Support for Applications to External Funding Agencies

End date: July 23, 2019

Detailed description of competition

This program aims to support researchers in applying for funding to external organizations (maximum $ 5,000).

Deadline to submit: July 22nd 2019 at 4pm

To apply, please complete application form below and submit to

(Only projects that will be submitted to external granting agency competitions by May 2020 will be considered)

General criteria

The project must be part of the RRISIQ theme, namely research into nursing interventions. These interventions are practices, ways of doing things that unfold in 3 fields of application: clinical practices, organizational practices, and practices in nursing education.

RRISIQ's scientific work aims to develop or adapt new practices, validate them, implement them, assess their effects and mobilize these practices in care and services. A practice may mean an individual intervention (eg, counseling or teaching), a group intervention (eg with families of elderly parents or children), a care or service program, a web application ( eg eHealth), an organizational practice, or an educational practice.

• Only regular researchers in good standing (including updated CVs, progress reports, and supervised student progress reports were sent to the RRISIQ in the current year) are eligible.
• The applicant must demonstrate that their application is not an overlap of previous funding obtained from the RRISIQ or other granting agencies.
• Each application must include regular researchers from at least 2 different partner universities.
• If the principal investigator has already received RRISIQ funding since 2014, priority will be given to researchers who have completed at least one of the RRISIQ funded projects and who have submitted at least one grant application to an external organization.
• Only the information requested in the form will be considered.
Deliverables expected before May 2020