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A beginner’s Introduction to Optimization Trials for Behavioral Interventions

December 3, 2019 12:00 - 13:30 | RRISIQ event
Presented by:

Andraea Van Hulst
Assistant Professor
McGill University
Ingram School of Nursing


Christine Maheu
Assistant Professor
McGill University
Ingram School of Nursing

Most behavioral interventions are complex and consider a combination of multiple components. For example, a weight management intervention may include a nutritional component, a physical activity component, a social support component and a pharmaceutical component. The traditional approach to developing and evaluating behavioral interventions has been to test the intervention with its multiple components as a ‘package’ using a standard randomized trial. Although the gold-standard for determining whether an intervention is effective, this approach does not tell us which components are making positive contributions to the overall effect, whether there are inactive components, or whether the inclusion of one component has an impact on other components. An alternative approach, the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) developed by Dr Linda Collins, proposes a framework for the development, optimization and evaluation of behavioral interventions with the goal of building more effective, efficient, economical, and scalable interventions.

In this presentation, Drs Van Hulst and Maheu will introduce RRISIQ members to the multiphase optimization strategy by sharing the knowledge acquired at the IBTN workshop on the design of optimization trials. Examples of published optimized interventions will be provided as well as potential applications for nursing interventions. This presentation is addressed to researchers, graduate and postgraduate students interested in learning about novel methods for intervention development and evaluation.

 A Zoom conference will be available for participants who are unable to be present on site.

Please note that this conference will not be recording and will therefore not be available for viewing after the event.

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