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Science of Nursing and Health Practices (SNAHP)'s 2nd Issue is Now Online!

January 18, 2019 | RRISIQ news
Volume 1, Issue 2 of Science of Nursing and Health Practices (SNAHP) was published in December 2018 and we are pleased to share the news. In this issue, you will read an editorial by the Editor-in-Chief, José Côté, RN. Ph.D., about nursing care in an age where technological and computer advances are constantly evolving, bringing opportunities and questions. This issue contains five unpublished articles addressing different aspects of nursing practice:

Nursing Care in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
José Côté

1. Les conditions favorables à la relation infirmière-patient : le contexte de l’hospitalisation involontaire lors d’un premier épisode psychotique 
Factors Facilitating the Nurse-patient Relationship in the Context of Involuntary Hospitalization for First-episode Psychosis
Myriam Clément, Chantal Verdon, Fanny Robichaud, and Amal Abdel-Baki

2. Processus décisionnel du consentement aux soins chez l’adolescent atteint d’un cancer : une perspective triadique
Consent to Care for Teenagers with Cancer: The Decisional Process from a Triadic Perspective
Joséanne Desrosiers, Christine Genest, Ariane Ballard, and Sylvie Le May

3. Développement et validation de l’Échelle d'Observation Comportementale du Confort d'Enfants Brûlés (OCCEB-BECCO)
Development and Validation of the French Version of the Scale Observation Comportementale du Confort d’Enfants Brûlés (OCCEB-BECCO)
Viviane Tremblay, Christelle Khadra, Ariane Ballard, Sylvie Charette, Christophe Fortin, Julie Paquette, Edith Villeneuve, and Sylvie Le May
4. Intervention for Patients Intubated and Conscious to decrease Peritraumatic Distress (IPIC-PTD) – Acceptability and feasibility
Intervention pour les patients intubés et conscient visant à diminuer la détresse péritraumatique (IPIC-PTD) – Acceptabilité et faisabilité
Emilie Gosselin, Céline Gélinas, Patricia Bourgault, and Stéphan Lavoie

5. Le soutien au leadership transformationnel des infirmières gestionnaires dans un contexte de changement organisationnel : la perspective des infirmières gestionnaires
Supporting Nurse Manager Use of Transformational Leadership in the Context of Organizational Change: The Nurse Manager Perspective
Claudia Touchette Boivin and Kelley Kilpatrick
SNAHP, a bilingual and open access journal, publishes biannually peer reviewed articles on the development, adaptation, implementation, testing and evaluation of best practices in three specific areas of nursing: 1) clinical practice; 2) service organization and management; and 3) training and professional development.

We hope that these articles will contribute to your reflections, works and collaborations, and we thank you for enriching the community of readers of Science of Nursing and Health Practices (SNAHP). We will keep you updated on new developments, including a call for papers and an upcoming issue in June 2019.
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José Côté, RN. Ph.D., Editor-in-chief