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The Levels of excellence that need to be reached  to obtain research grants in Quebec and Canada are increasingly high due to the improved quality of the projects, the growing number of researchers and limitations in the available budgets. Facilitating conditions can be used to achieve these levels of excellence: pilot studies to obtain preliminary results, or support to complete a project that is a high quality publication or dissemination activities on a large scale.
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Ongoing Competition

You will find below ( at the end of this page) all the rules & procedures for each competition in PDF.

Only one demand per principal investigator is allowed.

Support for Applications to External Funding Agencies

End date: July 23, 2019
This program aims to support researchers in applying for funding to external organizations (maximum $ 5,000).Deadline to submit: July 22nd 2019 at 4pm To apply, please complete application form below and submit to projects that will be submitted to external...