The Quebec Network on Nursing Intervention Research (RRISIQ) allows its regular, partner, and student members to submit an announcement to be shared within the larger community of this research network.

RRISIQ members can therefore submit announcements related to job offers, funding opportunities, upcoming conferences or workshops, call for proposals, or the search for collaborators or partners. By allowing its members to submit an announcement, RRISIQ wishes to encourage collaboration and the promotion of opportunities.


For a proposed announcement to be considered eligible, it must:

  • Be submitted by a regular, partner, or student member of RRISIQ;
  • Be written in French (submission in both English and French is also encouraged);
  • Be of interest to regular, partners, or student members of RRISIQ;
  • Be clear, concise, and provide all relevant information;
  • Relate to the offer of a job, an internship, a funding opportunity, an upcoming scientific or training activity, a call for proposals, or the search for collaborators or partners. Announcements on other subjects may be exceptionally accepted if they are of interest to RRISIQ members. 

RRISIQ reserves the right to refuse proposed announcements deemed irrelevant to the network's members, discriminatory, defamatory, inappropriate, or purely commercial.


If your proposal is accepted, RRISIQ commits to ensuring the dissemination of your announcement via the Members' Announcement section of its website for the agreed-upon duration. Members of RRISIQ may be encouraged via other network dissemination platforms to visit this section of our website.

However, RRISIQ will not send personalized messages about the announcement proposals submitted via this form on these other platforms. Furthermore, if the announcement is submitted exclusively in French, RRISIQ will not translate the submitted announcement into English. If people who consult the announcement want additional information, they will be invited to communicate directly with the contact person designated in this form. RRISIQ will not manage responses or requests for additional information regarding members' announcements.


We invite you to fill out the proposal form available at the bottom of this page and to return it to us by email at . Using software from the Adobe Acrobat family (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Acrobat Reader) is essential for filling out this document. This software is free and can be freely downloaded from the company's website that produces it. Using other software (e.g., Preview, Microsoft Edge) could lead to malfunction or display problems. Changing the settings and properties of the file or fields could also lead to operational or display errors. We ask you to return this document to us in electronic format (no scanning) and not to protect it.

If you wish to add an image to your announcement, please email it to us along with the duly completed form. It is mandatory that you own the rights to the image, have obtained the necessary permissions, or that the image is royalty-free, in order for us to incorporate it into your announcement. It is not possible to add more than one image to an announcement.

Your proposal will then be reviewed within 10 business days by at least one RRISIQ governance structure member and, if necessary, will return their comments to you. Otherwise, your announcement will be published exactly as submitted.

To access the proposal form for an announcement