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Video libraryJune 5, 2024

Les revues rapides : utiles, nécessaires, rigoureuses ? [in French].

This webinar provided participants with an introduction to rapid reviews, exploring their context of emergence, specific objectives, methodologies, as well as their advantages and limits.
Video libraryMay 29, 2024

Regard critique sur l’audit-feedback comme stratégie d’amélioration de la performance en santé [in French].

This webinar allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of audit-feedback, and to understand the key elements to consider for its deployment in a manner that is consistent with various health professionals' work contexts.
Video libraryMay 27, 2024

Approches de codesign en santé : Saisir les expériences des patients et cliniciens pour les traduire dans les interventions numériques et de mise en oeuvre [in French]

The objective of this webinar is to present the features of co-design and its implementation during projects for the development of digital health technologies and the deployment of a decision support tool in medical practice.
Video libraryMay 22, 2024

La recherche en intervention auprès de patients en soins critiques : défis méthodologiques et éthiques [in French]

This activity aims to familiarize participants with the ethical and methodological challenges of research in critical care and to share strategies for navigating these challenges.
Video libraryMay 15, 2024

Repenser la supervision de stage en sciences infirmières : principes et opérationnalisation d'un devis de recherche-action participative dans le cadre d'une étude doctorale [in French].

During this activity, participants will discover how the principles of participatory action research were applied in the context of a doctoral study dedicated to exploring, adapting, and testing an innovative model of internship supervision in nursing sciences: the Collaborative Learning Unit.
Video libraryMay 9, 2024

La synthèse thématique comme méthode de revue systématique qualitative [in French]

In this webinar, the thematic synthesis method by Thomas and Harden (2008) is presented as a relevant approach to address research questions related to the experiences of individuals, often posed in nursing science.
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