The Instrument Database provides measurement instruments (e.g., questionnaires, scales), interview guides and related documents (e.g., theorical articles) covering the three areas covered by the RRISIQ: nursing administration, nursing education and clinical intervention.

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Instrument database

What is Zotero?


The database was created with Zotero, an opensource and free bibliographic manager tool. You can access it online or you can download it for more options. Zotero helps you to collect, organize and share your bibliographic references using different citation styles.

How to get access?

Step 1: Create a ZOTERO account*

See below for the "Create a Zotero account" Tutorial (2 min.)

STEP 2: Install Zotero on your computer

This step gives you access to the full package which can facilitate the management of your citations.

  • Zotero version 5.0 is no longer a Firefox plug-in, it is now a standalone software, which allows to install a connector for your favorite navigator (Firefox, Chrome ou Safari).
  • If you already use Zotero and you want to install the 5.0 version, we suggest that you begin by downloading your data.
  • Then, install Zotero v.5.0 standalone:
  • Finally, install the connector of your navigator:

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Zotero documentation :

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