We are pleased to inform you that, since September 23, Mr. Marc-André Maheu-Cadotte has joined the RRISIQ as Executive Director.

He will work under the direction of Ms. José Côté and Ms. Céline Gélinas to develop a proposal for the creation of a new Quebec research network in 2024. He will collaborate closely with RRISIQ members in developing the strategic axes and themes of this network, its objectives, the common resources shared by members and the structuring initiatives that will be put in place. He will also support the current co-directors in proposing scientific activities, communicating with members, and planning financial support initiatives.

Mr. Maheu-Cadotte has been a nurse since 2013. He worked for almost 10 years at the Montreal Heart Institute, first in the clinical setting and then in the nursing research team. In 2022, he completed a Ph.D. in nursing at the University of Montreal. Mr. Maheu-Cadotte has rich and varied experience in using quantitative methods, conducting systematic knowledge syntheses and in nursing education.

We welcome him to the RRISIQ and wish him the greatest success in his new position.

News 26/163