RRISIQ and its university partners offer support to students and researchers in nursing intervention. Each year, RRISIQ and its university parteners award graduate and post-graduate level fellowships to promising students who are likely to become the next generation of nurse researchers. RRISIQ also organizes many competitions for researchers to support their pilot projects, but also supports publications, participation in conferences and student internships.


  • To fulfill its objective of recruiting and training researchers in the field of nursing intervention, RRISIQ's partner universities will be offering fellowships (masters, doctoral) for the present academic year (upon availability of funds).
  • The application and evaluation process is managed by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ).
  • This fellowship program is different from the one offered by the Ministry of Education (MEES).
Funding programs Maximum amount allocated
(upon availability of funds at the
affiliated university
 Maximum duration of
(can be renewed once following an 
application at a
subsequent competition)
Doctoral Fellowship 40 000$/year* 1 year
Masters Fellowship 15 000$/year* 1 year
  • All amounts are conditional on available funds in the affiliated university.
  • All applicants must notify the RRISIQ of any other fellowships or study bursaries already granted or to be received. If you have been awarded funding from any other organizations, the full RRISIQ fellowship is cancelled. However, top-up funding may be granted up to the maximum amount authorized by the FRQS : Maximum of $40,000 for Masters and $60,000 for Doctoral fellowships.
  • For doctoral candidates only: The student must have a RRISIQ regular researcher member on their thesis committee from a different partner university than the one where the candidate is registered at).
  • For nursing professionals holding a license to practice outside of Quebec, the fellowship amounts are $7,500 (Masters), $20,000 (Doctoral).


  • The application and evaluation processes are managed by l'Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) and its scientific committee.
  • This program differs from the MEES fellowship program.
  • You will find all information pertaining to the application and funding opportunity on the competition’s web page. (The form is the same for both the MEES and
  • RRISIQ partner university partners competitions: You must indicate that you are submitting to RRISIQ in the declaration section).


Deadline to submit: May 25th 2021 at 5pm

Approximate date by which the candidate should receive a reply to his/her full application: August 2021

To apply