Période 2022-2023

Development and use of research vignettes to collect qualitative data from healthcare professionals: a scoping review
Dominique Tremblay, Annie Turcotte, Nassera Touati, Thomas G. Poder, Kelley Kilpatrick, Karine Bilodeau, Mathieu Roy, Patrick O. Richard, Sylvie Lessard, et Émilie Giordano
BMJ Open, 12(1), e057095.

The grants below for the 2022-2023 period were made possible thanks to a partnership between RRISIQ and McGill University, and were reserved for members of this institution.

Acceptability and feasibility of a patient-oriented music intervention to reduce pain in the intensive care unit: Protocol for a crossover pilot randomized controlled trial
Melissa Richard-Lalonde, Nancy Feeley, Sylvie Cossette, Linda L Chlan, Céline Gélinas
JMIR Research Protocols, 12, e40760

The validity of vital signs for pain assessment in critically ill adults: A narrative review
Shiva Shahiri T., Céline Gélinas
Pain Management Nursing, 24(3), 318-328

2019-2020 Period

" Gaps and delays in survivorship care in the return-to-work pathway for survivors of breast cancer - a qualitative study "
Karine Bilodeau, Dominique Tremblay and Marie-José Durand
Current Oncology, 26(3). 

2017-2018 Period

" Needs - focused interventions for family caregivers of older adults with cancer: a descriptive interpretive study "
Jade Marcotte-Lemaire, Dominique Tremblay, Annie Turcotte and Céline Michaud
Supportive Care in Cancer, 27(8), p.2771-2781.

" Nursing Activities for Patients with Chronic Disease in Primary Care Settings : A Practice Analysis "
Marie-Ève Poitras, Maud-Christine Chouinard, Frances Gallagher and Martin Fortin
Nursing Research, 67(1), p.35-42.

" Effects of e-learning in a continuing education context on nursing care: a review of systematic qualitative, quantitative and mixed studies reviews (protocol) "
Geneviève Rouleau, Marie-Pierre Gagnon, José Côté, Julie Payne-Gagnon, Émilie Hudson, Julien Bouix-Picasso and Carl-Ardy Dubois
BMJ open, 7(10), e018441.

2016-2017 Period

" Which priority indicators to use to evaluate nursing care performance? A discussion paper "
Carl-Ardy Dubois, Danielle D'Amour, Isabelle Brault, Clémence Dallaire, Johanne Déry, Arnaud Duhoux, Mélanie Lavoie‐Tremblay, Luc Mathieu, Hermès Karemere and Arnaud Zufferey
J Adv Nurs. 2017, 1-14.

" Fostering development of integrative nursing practices when implementing integrated care pathways: what levers to use? "
Caroline Longpré and Carl-Ardy Dubois
BMC health services research, 17(1), 790.

" Nursing activities for chronic disease patients in family medicine groups : toward a better understanding of their practice "
Marie-Eve Poitras
Savoirs UdeS, 2016.

" Improving the transition from oncology to primary care teams: a case for individual and shared leadership "
Dominique Tremblay, Jean Latreille, Karine Bilodeau, Arnaud Samson, Linda Roy, Marie-France L'Italien and Christine Mimeault
Journal of oncology practice, 12(11), 1012-1019.

" A post cardiac surgery intervention to manage delirium involving families: a randomized pilot study "
Tanya Mailhot, Sylvie Cossette, José Côté, Anne Bourbonnais, Marie‐Claude Côté, Yoan Lamarche and André Denault
Nursing in Critical Care, 22(4), 221-228.

" Survey of oral care practices in Quebec for intensive care patients receiving mechanical ventilation "
Andréanne Tanguay, Isabelle Reeves, Sylvie Le May, Christelle Khadra, Émilie Gosselin and Denise St-Cyr-Tribble
Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing, 29(3).

2015-2016 Period

" A scoping review of interventions addressing return to work in patients having undergone breast cancer treatments " 
Karine Bilodeau, Postdoctoral fellow – Université de Sherbooke

" Une intervention éducative en soins infirmiers humanistes auprès d'infirmières francophones: Similarités et différences (Québec-Suisse) au niveau des résultats qualitatifs (faisabilité-acceptabilité) " 
Chantal Cara, Full professor – Université de Montréal

"Development of the Adolescent Cancer Suffering scale"
Christelle Khadra, PhD candidate – Université de Montréal