Éric Tchouaket
Associate Professor
Département des sciences infirmières
Université du Québec en Ouatouais

The economic analysis aims to demonstrate the efficiency of an intervention by comparing the costs associated with the implementation of the intervention (inputs) with the costs of the effects (outputs) they generate. In the field of nursing, the efficiency of an intervention is achieved when fewer human, material and financial resources are invested to achieve a fixed health and quality of life goal, or better results. It provides public authorities, managers, health professionals, patients and families with information on the economic consequences of nursing practices.

This presentation, which is part of a new vision of research, will allow the participants familiarize themselves with the principles of economic analysis through the results of three research projects conducted in recent years in Quebec:

  1. Costs of adverse events attributable to the medical care;
  2. Potential Savings from Introducing Nurse Practitioners into Long-Term Care Facilities;
  3. Efficiency of the prevention and control of nosocomial infections of health establishments.

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Event 9/91