A regular member is a researcher working on one of the strategic themes of the Quebec Network on Nursing Intervention Research (RRISIQ) and meeting the criteria for research statuses 1 to 4, as detailed in the Common General Rules of the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ). These statuses are:

  • Status 1: University researcher;
  • Status 2: Clinician university researcher;
  • Status 3: College researcher;
  • Status 4a: Researcher from a government institution recognized by the FRQ;
  • Status 4b: Researcher from a non-FRQ-recognized government or private sector organization.

For any questions regarding your eligibility for any of these statuses, we invite you to directly contact the FRQ.

The status of a regular member confers:

  • privileged access to network activities and resources;
  • the possibility of being appointed in a leadership position;
  • eligibility to obtain financial support from the RRISIQ;
  • the opportunity to hold administrative positions within the network, such as serving on the steering or scientific committee.

Regular members are responsible for reporting their scientific productivity annually by disclosing their publications, conferences, and obtained funding and their contributions to students or postdoctoral training. The submission of their curriculum vitae (Canadian Common CV) upon request from the management will serve as evidence of their accomplishments. Regular members must participate in preparing network renewal applications and acknowledge the network's contribution to their dissemination activities.

Click here to access the RRISIQ Regular Member List.