Resources Platform

Leaders: Dominique Tremblay and Julie Houle

The main objective of the Resources platform is to offer all members of the RRISIQ, researchers and students, access to tools or resources that can be useful for example to develop clinical interventions, write academic texts, scientific articles, grant applications or research protocols. The platform offers a solution to the challenge of identifying valid measuring instruments and interview grids through its Instrument Database (Banque d'instruments pour la Recherche en Interventions en Sciences Infirmières - BIRISI).

Strategic objectives:

  1. Ensure the sustainability of the instrument database;
  2. Promote the development of research capacity through networking among members.

The resources platform aims to mobilize tools and expertise in order to address the existing challenge of our members working in diverse clinical settings and universities. 

Knowledge Mobilization Platform

Leaders: Marie-Pierre Gagnon and Sonia Semenic

The overarching goal of Knowledge Mobilization (KM) is to develop the capacity of network members and links with knowledge users to foster informed nursing practices based on scientific evidence. This goal is at the heart of our efforts to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, and ultimately improve the quality of care and the health of populations.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Increase networking between researchers and knowledge users (policy makers, clinical settings, population, patients) to support informed nursing practices;
  2. Strengthen the knowledge, skills and abilities of network members in the field of KM;
  3. Develop, implement and evaluate innovative strategies for KM in the field of nursing by capitalizing on partnerships with structuring entities in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

The KM platform organizes scientific-cafés, scientific trainings and presentations, collaborations between researchers and an annual day centered on the RRISIQ research theme. The platform carries out training activities, the dissemination of guides and methods in KM, as well as mentoring opportunities. It also provides resources and tools related to all phases of the KM process on its website. In addition, the platform offers funding for KM projects and encourages partnerships with recognized entities in Quebec and Canada.

Visit the Platform's website at :

International Development Platform

Leaders: Maria Cecillia Gallani and Jacinthe Pepin

The overall objective of the platform is to stimulate the development and strengthening of national and international collaborations in nursing intervention research for knowledge development, assessment, synthesis and diffusion.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Stimulate high-quality international scientific exchanges on the theme of the network, for example, by publishing a peer-review journal of high caliber;
  2. Increase the number and scope of the network's research projects that include an international component by supporting annually one (or two) pilot projects involving principal investigators from at least one other country and facilitating access to research grants;
  3. Pursue international collaborations for the organization of symposium or conferences on the theme of the network;
  4. Stimulate graduate student mobility on the theme, nationally and internationally.

The platform has developed a journal - Science infirmière et pratiques en santé (SIPS)/ Science of Nursing and Health Practices (SNAHP) - which aims to stimulate and consolidate international scientific exchanges of quality on the theme of the network and thus be a resource in Quebec, Canada and internationally.